Intel invests $300 million in workplace diversity

Tech titan Intel has pledged $300 million to back its efforts to diversify its workforce. It's the latest technology company to announce efforts directed at recruiting and retaining women and minority professionals, and the largest financial commitment to date addressing the challenge. READ MORE:

The Power of Story, 2014 Edition

That storytelling, one of humankind's oldest activities, is topping the list of 2014's most compelling "technologies" is a testament to the power of a good narrative to transform even the most challenging situations. Narrative helps us to understand where we come from, and explains who we are to others.

Google and Lawrence O'Donnell honor pioneering Human Computers

World War II was a watershed moment for professional female mathematicians. The coicidence of short labor markets and exploding technology in aeronautics, ballistics and other fields opened doors for large numbers of women to work in fields that had been largely closed to them.