NASA-Langley Dedicates Computational Facility to Katherine Johnson

“I do thank you so much for your attention, for your kindness, but more than that, I’m so happy to see you giving more recognition to women for the work that they have done.” At 97-years old, Katherine Johnson's voice is quiet, but she speaks with the sharpness of mind that characterized her successful career at NASA. It was a momentous day for the Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree-- and for the legacy of NASA Langley's female mathematicians. For the second time in its history, the center decided to name one of its buildings after a former female employee. The first was the Pearl I. Young Theatre, named after the center's first female engineer. The Katherine G. Johnson Computational Facility, slated for completion in 2017, honors Johnson for her contributions to the early days of America's space program, including Project Mercury and Project Apollo.